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About us

JACK-PAUL OIL AND GAS LIMITED was incorporated in 2002 as a Limited liability company, specializing in Mechanical Construction, installation, maintenance, repairs and inspection service in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

The company, based out of Port Harcourt Rivers State, has grown steadily since its formation and presently services onshore and offshore locations in Nigeria and the JDZ. JACK-PAUL OIL AND GAS has a strong base in bid projects, negotiated projects as well as commercial/industrial service and maintenance agreements.


Obi Jackson, General Manager
B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
Years of experience - 13

Muhamed Ashraf
Project Manager
HND, Electrical Engineering
Years of experience - 10

Udoh Noah
Project Supervisor
HND Mechanical Engineering
Years of experience - 8

Ijezie Kene
BSc Computer Science
Years of experience - 12

Vision Statement

To emerge as a key player in Nigeria's oil and gas industry for global competitiveness by providing standard services and developing local capacity in Mechanical Construction,Maintenance engineering and inspection solution.

Mission Statement
JACK-PUAL OIL AND GAS LIMITED aims to provide world class Mechanical Construction and Maintenance services to assist Nigeria in the quest to join the most advanced economies in the world.
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